Search with Pictures

First dealer management and finance system in SA to integrate pictures into search results. Being able to search through stock items with images displayed means that you will be able to easily identify stock that could be otherwise difficult to identify only by its description. This also saves time when adding stock to an invoice or quote and makes searching through items much easier and prevents mistakes from being made when unable to identify stock items by description.

NaTIS Control

Infin provides an easy way to control registration documents and transfer of
ownership. You can draw reports to see which vehicles still need to be transferred to dealer stock or transferred to the new owner when sold.

Type, Make & Model

With the type function you can divide your stock into different categories as your needs require. Scrap yards could divide stock into gearboxes; engines; body parts; electronic parts etc. whereas car dealers can divide stock into pre-owned sedans; pre-owned hatchbacks, parts etc. This will enable the user to divide profit, sales and almost any report into categories to view each function or categories’ performance independently. You will also be able to view sales or profits by make (manufacturer) and model. This allows the software to be used in almost any industry.

Location & Owner

You can use location to specify where your stock is located in cases where more than one showroom is used or where a business has more than one branch. If you market products not located at your premises you can also use location to display products in a certain area or dealer. If you issue consignment stock to other businesses, you can use the location to specify the business where your stock is located and easily draw reports according to locations. The owner function will allow you to specify the owner of each stock item. You can therefore specify who owns the stock in cases where consignment stock is kept and easily draw reports according to the owners. This will also be useful where floor plans are applicable or where your stock is financed by an outside party. You will then easily be able to draw reports to see which stock is financed and by who and which stock is fully owned.

Documents & Pictures

You can add as much images to a stock item as required. The images can be used in almost all reports and you can also search through stock items using images, making it very easy to identify stock otherwise difficult to identify only by their description. You can also add documents to stock items like pdf files for easy access. You can add the invoice received with the stock item, previous owner ID, SARS 264 form, SAPS register info or any other file related to the stock item. This would mean it will be very easy to find these documents if required at a later stage.

Advanced Searches

With advanced search you can search by almost any condition or parameter allowing very specific search results. This allows businesses with large databases to find stock very easily.

Stock Returns & Removals

Stock returns will credit a clients account and add the stock back into your inventory. Stock removals allow for easy removal of stock in cases where it needs to be removed without being invoiced. User permissions allow full control over who can and cannot authorize a return or removal.

Add Similar Items

Quick edit and add similar items makes it very easy to add stock. You can add the same type of stock without having to retype everything. You may just change what needs to be changed, saving you time. You can also add items to invoices or quotes by right clicking on them from the search stock screen. You can also easily add expenses to a stock item when right clicking on it. Small time saving methods like this is what makes Infin so user friendly.

Define your results

You can change which results to show when searching through your stock items. This allows the user to set up the program to their needs. Users can also define which fields or information to display when searching through invoices, quotes, receipts, credit notes etc.

Attachments to a Stock Item

You can attach items to a stock item to manage any extra’s or attachments to ensure items are not stolen and released with stock when sold. You can add an image to an attachment and each attachment will receive a unique no. for storage and picking when needed.

Stock Reservation

Stock Items can be reserved for clients and will warn the user when using reserved stock in a quotation or in an invoice. Duration of stock reservation can be set and will expire automatically.

Stock Collection & Delivery Notes

Stock collection is used to manage the difference between stock that has been sold but is still on your floor and stock not sold on your floor. This helps with stock taking so that you can distinguish between stock already sold and stock that can be sold. It also captures the details of the person responsible for collection Of stock and prints a collection note to be signed by the collector. Delivery notes can be printed if you deliver the stock to the client.

Non Stock Items

Non Stock Items are used to invoice products or services that are not included in your stock. Your salesman will only be able to invoice stock items available or non stock items set up in the program settings, preventing theft and maximizing control over your assets. This will mean that salesmen can only invoice what he is allowed to and can’t invoice a stock item if not added to stock first. You can draw reports to see which non stock items where invoices by each salesmen.

Minimum Selling Price

You can Set a minimum price on each stock item independently and block certain users to sell below this minimum price. You can also set a minimum mark-up % to be used on all products and block users to sell below the default mark-up. INFIN will also take any expenses made on the stock after it was bought into consideration when blocking the user.