INFIN allows you to open Job Cards for internal and external jobs. You can allocate the responsible workshop technician to the Job Card and add the Jobs to be done on this Job Card. Each Job will have to be marked as completed by one of the technicians before the Job Card can be invoiced and each employee can clock the hours spend on each Job. This will allow the owner/managers to track progress and to identify problem areas in the workshop. Notes can also be created on each Job Card for everyone to see, allowing workshop technicians to send messages to office staff and vice versa.

Some panel beater & workshop features include:

  • Internal Jobs where repairs are done on an item already in the business’ stock
  • External Jobs where repairs are done for clients
  • Add before & after pictures for insurance claims and record keeping
  • Add multiple jobs to ever job card to ensure each aspect of the repair has been attended to. Jobs will have to be marked as completed or cancelled before job card can be closed
  • Add documents to each job card for life-time preservation and easy retrieval eg: insurance claim forms, PDI, client sign-off, Technician Report related to each job card
  • Expenses can be allocated to each job separately¬†and to each job card to tract profit on each job
  • Draw reports on hours spend on each stock item and report showing what a specific technician spend their time on each day. Also draw reports showing the jobs closed by each technician to compare performance on each technician
  • Set the expected completion date for each job card to monitor slow performing jobs
  • Different users have different permission on INFIN to control who can see what and who can do what
  • Easily search through previous Job Cards with INFIN’s effective text based search engine
  • INFIN will automatically display a closed external job card at uninvoiced job cards so that office staff may invoice the job card, ensuring no job card is closed without being invoiced.
  • Multiple branches can be run from the same database allowing all branches to access the same information. Users can send sales leads or tasks to other branches and search through job cards from all branches