INFIN is the perfect dealership management program for motorcycle dealers. Second-hand motorcycle dealers have to keep specific records in accordance with the Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act. No. 6 of 2009) and INFIN will help the dealership record all necessary details required by law as well as print a register in the correct format required by SAPD while keeping administration work to a minimum for the dealer. INFIN will also help promote the motorcycles on sale with professional image quotations and automatically upload stock to the dealer’s website.

Some motorcycle dealer features include:

  • SAPD Register can be printed at any time for any time period
  • VAT264 Form will automatically be completed in SARS format
  • Stock Purchase Form will automatically be printed for seller to sign
  • NaTIS Control to keep track of motorcycles to be registered, transferred etc.
  • One Motorcycle per Invoice with extras as required by banks for financing
  • Allocation of expenses to motorcycles or invoices allowing accurate gross profit calculation
  • Add documents to motorcycles for life-long digital record keeping like registration papers, police clearance, VAT264 Forms etc
  • Multiple images added to a vehicle and image reports and searches
  • Website Integration (Stock is uploaded and removed automatically from website)
  • Trade-Ins on Motorcycles which adds the traded-in motorcycle to your current stock
  • Add attachments to motorcycles e.g. spare keys, service kit etc.
  • Multiple branches can be run from the same database allowing all branches to access the same information. Users can send sales leads or tasks to other branches and search through all stock from all branches