Our Vision

Create the most user-friendly DMS software on the market without removing functionality. We believe in decreasing the administration work for the dealer so that you can concentrate on what generates money – closing sales and servicing your clients. We strive to make every employee as efficient as possible by giving them an easy to use program that manages the data so that they can concentrate on your clients. Our comprehensive reports also gives you an overview of different functions in your business and helps management make informed decisions.

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client Relationship Management is used to manage phone calls and sales queries to ensure each question and message is followed up and closed. With our CRM system, sale leads can be transferred from one salesmen to another and users can select follow-up and expiry dates on each sales lead. Management can draw reports to see the average closing time on each lead, number of leads not followed up by follow-up date and much more to ensure each clients’ phone call and sales query is followed up in time. Priorities can also be specified to ensure important leads are followed up first. We also have a future sales lead function where you can enter a specific item requested by a client that is not currently in stock and will then remind your salesmen about the query as soon as the item is received back in stock.

Stock Management

INFIN makes it very easy to keep track of your stock. It secures your data and ensures accurate and relevant reporting on stock movement and current stock details. We allow search results with images which makes it very easy to identify stock. Stock can also be divided by type, make, model, current location, owner and much more. You can also add multiple images to a stock item and search through stock with a wide range of conditions making it very easy to identify stock in businesses with large databases. Consignment stock placed at other businesses, consignment from other owners and stock at different branches are easily manageable and identifiable.

Sales & Marketing

It’s very easy to create quotes, pro-forma invoices, invoices, receipts, credit notes, refunds, stock returns and journals in INFIN. You can also easily search through any document and allow only certain users to create and edit certain documents to increase security and data reliability. Sales can be monitored by management with summarised reports to monitor salesman with most items sold, highest revenue, least items sold etc. to see which salesmen are performing well and which are not meeting their targets. You can also monitor which items are sold most in a time period and which are generating the most gross profit so that you can invest in the products that generate the most profits.

Management Control

INFIN gives management full control over their business. Our reports make it very easy to spot weaknesses in the business. User permissions allow management to control who can and cannot control specific functions in the business and makes it very easy to correct mistakes made by employees. Management can monitor user activity and performance with our CRM and financial reports ensuring informed decisions are made. Password protected databases and integrated backups ensure data safety and keeps business information accurate.

Functionality & Utilities

Bank Recons, Contact Management, Document Handling, Lead Management, Future Stock Leads, Expense Allocation, Debtor Management and Quotes/Invoice to Emails is what makes INFIN so powerful and ensures an all-in-one solution for all aspects of your business. With Bank Recons, management or users with access to the business’ bank account can post transactions to the recon so that salesmen can allocate the income to invoices via receipts. This means management can force this method so that EFT income can’t be posted to the system if income is not shown on the bank account. With contact management you can quickly search through business contacts and supplier details and gives all employees access to the same information. All company documentation can also be stored on INFIN to allow different users and branches to access the same documentation. All documentation is centralized and creates an almost paperless system.

You can also, by the click of a button, send a quote in PDF format along with all stock pictures included in that quote with your default email program. This saves time when sending quotes with pictures to clients. There is also an Add Similar function where stock items, invoices and quotes can be auto completed from a previous item saving you time.

Workshop Management

With INFIN Workshop Management you can open Job Cards, add notes to Jobs, book hours against Jobs, allocate expenses to Job Cards and create separate Jobs within each Job Card. You can also set the expected completion date and allocate personnel to a specific Job Card so that you can monitor performance on each Job. Office personnel can add messages for workshop personnel to see and vice versa. Messages and progress can be monitored with our message system and notes are easy to sort and identify for each Job within the Job Card. Jobs can be separately closed and Job Card can only be closed when all Jobs are completed within the Job Card. You will only be able to invoice a Job Card when completed and Invoice will include all Job details.


Users can specify different parameters when generating reports and are not restricted to system default reports. This allows for almost unlimited customisations on each report and allows the user to draw very specific reports. You can, for example, draw a report of all stock items in a specific category, sold last month, by a specific salesman, at a specific branch, with a stock turn-over rate of less than 6 months and with a selling price of R100 000 – R 300 000. Our management report gives you an overview of the whole business. The management report is a very straight forward but powerful report giving a overview of finances and performance in your business. It also shows weaknesses and areas for improvement. You can draw gross profit by stock item reports to see how each product is performing and where to invest future capital. All stock related reports can also include stock images to help with identification of stock and most reports have a detailed and summary option which can give you totals only or show each transaction, item or event. INFIN reports are very easy to read & understand and sets new standards in the DMS market.