Search Customers

Easily search through clients or add new ones in the same window. Changing client details is very easy and you can search for clients by name, contact person, billing address, contact no, ID no etc. making it very easy to identify a client.

Stock & Non-Stock Items

Stock Items are stock added to your floor whereas Non Stock items are used
for services rendered like deliveries, registration fees, repairs etc. Users
will not be able to invoice any item other than the pre-defined non stock &
added stock items. You can also right click on a non stock item to change the
cost price on that specific item from the invoice screen.

Search Stock

You can search through stock or non-stock items to be added to the quote or invoice and can also search through stock items with images. This allows for a very efficient and fast creation of invoices or quotes. You can also type in the product code if you know it to add an item to the invoice.

Advanced Searches

When searching through invoices, Infin will search through items added in invoice so that you can quickly locate an invoice by an item name or description.


Any document or picture can be added to an invoice for record keeping. This would be anything that is related to the specific invoice for example Pre-Delivery Inspection Form, Border Clearance Papers Or Police Clearance for exports, Signed Collection and Delivery Notes, Proof of Payment on Invoice, Warrantee Information or any other documentation that you would want to attach to a specific invoice for lifetime document safekeeping and allows easy access to the documents for future use.

Single Stock Item

You can create an invoice or quote with one stock item in order to add multiple extras to a stock item. This is used in the auto dealer industry to add extras like financing costs etc. and gives financers an invoice in the format specified by them.