Income Journal

Income journals are used to post income that was not invoiced. This can also be allocated to stock items or regarded as general income. This could be used to make adjustment to cost of items or show income that has not been invoiced.

Expense Journal

Expense journals can also be allocated to stock items and will be used to work out gross profit on stock items. This could be useful to businesses who do repairs on stock items and need to allocate expenses to each stock item. If expense is not allocated, it will be regarded as a general expense and influence net profit.

Multiple Expenses

Multiple expenses can be added to multiple stock items if you have standard expenses that is spend on all stock. You can allocate these standard expenses to specific stock items or post these expenses without allocating them to stock.

Search Income & Expenses

Easily search through income &  expenses with different conditions or by simply typing in any details contained in the journal. You can also edit income or expenses from here if you have permission to do so.