Stock Management

Complete visibility over your company's inventory is vital in staying competitive in today's global market. Save time with InFin superior Stock Management solution, and spend more time on what matters, like growing your company.

  • Streamline Parts Issuing
  • Increased visibility on turnover costs
  • Save time locating parts
  • Real-time stock levels
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  • Stock Management
  • Finance

    Finance is at the core of any business, but needs not get in the way of doing business. Reduce waste by identifying unnecessary costs with InFin's integrated Finance module

    • Automated balance sheets and cash flow statements
    • Simple tools for identifying wasteful spending
    • Comprehensive tax statements
    • Empower your business with proper finance management
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  • Finance
  • CRM

    Putting the customer first has never been simpler. With the help of InFin's CRM module you can give each customer a tailored service and exceeding customer expectations.

    • Fully integrated customer management tools
    • Store all customer details for easy access
    • Increase retention rate
    • Archive customer sales in order to forecast future demand
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  • CRM
  • Reporting

    Reports can produce extensive insight, or become a red-tape procedure limiting the growth of your company. Ensure peak performance with InFin's superior reporting practice.

    • Stock list with images for simplified stock taking
    • Showcase for clients
    • Completely customizable to your needs
    • High speed report generation
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  • Reporting
  • Product showcase

    Keeping your online catalogue up-to-date can be a very cumbersome and time-consuming task. InFin automates the whole process, giving you peace of mind that your clients are seeing the latest information.

    • Complete website integration
    • Automated upload and remove stock
    • View calculated total cost price of stock
    • Real time event tracking of stock
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  • Product showcase