Income Statement

You can draw a detailed or summarized income statement for final bottom line figures. You can specify a specific date range and will include all transactions created in INFIN.

Gross Profit on Stock and Non-Stock

Draw gross profit reports showing gross profit on each stock item and each non stock item. This will also allow you to see profit made on each invoice or sale as well as compare stock and non stock profitability. You can filter your reports by salesmen as well to compare gross profits between salesmen.

Transaction Report

You can draw the transaction report showing you receipts, income journals, expense journals and refunds and sort the report by payment method used, payee/payer, what the payment was for and choose the payment methods to how as well as filter the transactions by INFIN user. You can also show only transactions allocated to stock or non-stock or only general expenses not allocated to stock.

VAT Report

Draw a VAT report showing all input and output VAT and total payable or receivable by SARS. VAT type can be selected for each transaction done in INFIN to ensure accurate VAT reports and reduces the administration for the dealer. You can also print all zero-rated, No VAT or standard VAT transactions separately.

Bank Recon Report

The bank recon report will show whether all income received in the bank has been posted to receipts as well as show total money received into your bank account. You can also monitor which salesmen posted the receipts from the bank income.