Receipts Allocation

Receipts can be allocated to invoices but users are not forced to do so. Allocating receipts to invoices can help with age analysis on debtors and effective overdue invoice management.

Credit Notes

Credit Notes are very easy to create and is connected to invoices and stock items so that you keep track of where the credit was applied and for what. This also influences your gross profit on the stock items that it was allocated to which allows for accurate reporting. Credit Notes can be disabled and enabled per user preventing theft and faulty entries.


Refunds are used to pay a client back if the client has a credit balance. You can choose the payout method and will show on your transaction list as well. The amount will then be added to your client statement as a refunded amount.

Adding Customers

Customers can be added from anywhere in the program where customers can be chosen for example: invoices, quotes, new job cards etc. and you can also manually add customers as shown in the screenshot. You may also control which users can and cannot add customers to ensure you have full control over the business.