Creating Sales Leads

Creating leads in INFIN is very fast and easy. Leads are used as a method Of following-up on sales, queries and any other checklist or to-do list, leaving messages for Other staff or setting reminders for yourself. You can choose the person who you want to transfer the lead to or choose yourself to create a lead to follow-up yourself. You can also choose more than one follow-up person, which would mean that all the selected follow-up persons will have to follow-up on that lead. You can change the follow-up date for future reminders or, if for example, you want to follow-up on a quote send, in a few days time. You can also set the priority here so that important leads are followed-up first. You can then also Connect a stock item to the lead so that you know which item the client was referring to and easily access that stock item.

Today’s Follow-Ups

Each user will have their own leads to be followed up for each day. If a lead is not followed up on the specified day, it will be highlighted in blue to show you the lead should have been followed up in the past. Leads highlighted in red is marked urgent and leads highlighted green is low priority leads. If you have a lead where the follow up date is in the future, it will not show here and will only show On the date applicable. Each user should close every lead in Today’s Follow-Ups each day Or move the follow-up date to the next day in order to keep your follow-ups from expiring.

Search All Leads

You can search through the whole business’ leads of all users and view all previously closed leads. You can filter leads with advanced conditions Or search by typing into the search box above which will search through all messages and queries in leads. You can also view Other user’s Today’s Follow-Ups in order to monitor salesmen each day.

Working on a Lead

When a lead is opened, you can post messages on the lead and change details like the follow-up persons, follow-up date, priority, client details etc. Different users can post different messages on a lead and users can post messages for each Other regarding the lead and progress. INFIN will also automatically post messages when any details on the lead is changed, for example if the follow-up date is moved to the next day etc.


You can add contacts to INFIN and separate your contacts with categories ex. Suppliers, Technicians, IT, Employees etc. You can also then add documents to contacts like brochures, price-lists etc. All users from all branches will then be able to access the same information saving your employees valuable time.